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Our meetings are held quarterly on the 1st Saturday of the month.

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Vis Cordis Celtarum Invicta Stateds: 4 times a year . Our meetings are held quarterly on the 1st Saturday of the month.
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Next meeting, LUGHNASADH, Saturday Aug 03


The Freemasons are members of a Fraternal Organization dedicated to making good men better and thereby making the community better. Alba Lodge No. 315 is dedicated to this principle through the promotion of Celtic cultural heritages.


WE THE BROTHERS OF LODGE ALBA embrace the ancient and enduring Masonic tenets of Brotherly Love, Charity and Truth ~ which are expressed outwardly through service to God, family and clan, to country, and to self.

WE THE BROTHERS OF LODGE ALBA entwine our Masonic journeys with the focus of our individual hearts and paths towards embracing the ancient and vibrant cultural heritages of the Seven Celtic Nations. Be we sons of Alba (Scotland), Eire (Ireland), Cymru (Wales), Kernow (Cornwall), Galego (Galicia), Ellan Vannin (Isle of Man) or Breizh (Brittany) or sons of 'all the Airts', we recognize that "We are One ~ although sea-divided Nation".

AS THE FIANNA of ancient Eire and Alba were a war-band of brothers who gathered together from the four corners of the land on the Celtic Quarter-Days to serve and honour their High King, so Lodge Alba draws together in fellowship the sons of the Seven Celtic Nations and the Airts throughout Washington State and the great Pacific Northwest to serve Masonry, and to give honour to Scotland as the root and wellspring of the Craft.

"It is what kept us through our days - the truth that was in our hearts, and strength in our arms, and fulfillment in our tongues."


We meet evenings on the first Saturday of February, May, August and November at Alki Lodge, 4736 40th Ave. SW, Seattle Washington 98116 — The Hall phone is 206-938-3554. View the "Contact Us" page for Alba Lodge contacts. See the Map page under "Visit Us" for directions to the Lodge.

AS SCOTLAND is the wellspring of Freemasonry, a natural expression of that foundation has recently manifested in a unique 'specialty Lodge' – Alba Lodge No. 315. Drawing its members together from throughout the region, Alba Lodge is a Masonic lodge formed to focus on brethren of Scottish and Celtic ancestry, or those with interest in the celebration of the Seven Celtic Nations and their ancient and vibrant cultural heritages.

The word Alba (pron. 'Al-pa') is an ancient name for Scotland following the unification of the Kingdom of Dal Riada and the two Pictish Kingdoms in what is now Scotland in the 9th C.

"Lodge Alba, a Freemasonry group in the Pacific Northwest, weaves Celtic and Scottish elements into its meetings, held in the Scottish Masonic style. Alba Lodge No. 315 engages in various activities, such as operating Masonic information booths at Scottish events, hosting Celtic holiday and cultural events, and representing Scots and Masons in the community.

The Brethren gather at the Quarter Days of the Celtic Calendar, celebrating ancient holidays dating back almost three thousand years. Samhain, marking the start of the dark half of the year, involves festivities honoring the harvest and remembering ancestors. Imbolc heralds the awakening of spring, with rituals dedicated to the fertility Goddess Bride. Beltaine, celebrated with bonfires, symbolizes the joy of life after winter, featuring dances around maypoles and blessings through sacred smoke. Lughnasadh, marked by bonfires as well, celebrates the first harvests and strengthens familial bonds, with activities ranging from feats of strength to expressions of love and life."

We at Alba Lodge invite you to share in the good fellowship of Freemasonry and in the unique Celtic nature of our gatherings and initiatives.